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        Imagine this: You’re working on a school paper on your laptop. Your screen is full of open programs, including documents, Web pages and MSN chat.

        Suddenly, a friend sends you a link to a video and demands that you watch it. He says it’s about cats, it’s funny and you’re going to love it. But you can’t help thinking, “I don’t have time for this right now.” You start to feel even more stressed out than you already did about your paper. While you don’t want to disappoint your friend, you need to keep working.

        This is a common dilemma in an age of multitasking.

        I often find that my focus is so easily distracted that when I need to work I become quite annoyed in response to these types of links. At the same time, when they’re from good friends, I can’t just ignore them. Usually, I say something like “Cool, I’ll look at it later.” But this often disappoints the other person, creating an awkward break in the conversation. Other times, I’ll just say “OK”, wait a while and then send a second message saying “That was great!” While this approach is simpler that ignoring the other person, it seems ridiculous to life to avoid making a social faux pas(失禮).

        The problem is that new technologies offer a good many new possibilities, both positive and negative. On the one hand, the Internet connects you to millions of people whom you can make friends with and learn from. On the other hand, it offers just as many ways to waste time.

        When you’re signed on to MSN chat, the other person can’t see that you have three papers to finish before the end of the week---so you better believe they’re going to send you a video of monkeys dancing to music.

        Online chat is convenient, but the advantage of face-to-face communication is that you can see exactly what other people are doing.

        If they are really good friends, you should feel blessed to give them your full attention without worrying about what’s going on in that other window or program.

        1.Why does the author feel annoyed when he receives a link to a video from a friend of his?

        A. Because his friend wants to distract him from his work.

        B. Because he cannot concentrate on his work.

        C. Because the video is too boring.

        D. Because the video has something to do with his work.

        2.What will the author do to respond to his friend’s request for watching the video?

        A. He will do as his friend asks.

        B. He will put it off or tell a white lie.

        C. He will ignore his friend’s disappointment.

        D. He will delete the link of the video.

        3.What does the underlined sentence in Paragraph 4 mean?

        A. There is an embarrassing pause or silence.

        B. The author has broken the ice.

        C. His friend intends to end their friendship.

        D. They need a good rest after the conversation.

        4.Compared with online chat, face-to-face communication allows people _____.

        A. to communicate with each other more conveniently

        B. to watch a video of a monkey dancing to music

        C. to better understand what other people are working on

        D. to hide something secret from other people

        5.Which of the following statements does the author probably agree with?

        A. Share an interesting video with your friend whether he/she is busy or not.

        B. Neglect the links sent by your friend while working.

        C. New technologies always bring us pressure rather than convenience.

        D. It is a dilemma whether to disappoint your friend or stop working.


        1.【答案】B。解析:考查細節理解題。根據第四段提到I often find that my focus is so easily distracted that when I need to work I become quite annoyed in response to these types of links因為朋友的打斷,而無法集中于工作而很惱怒,故選B項。

        2.【答案】B。解析:考查推斷題。根據第四段提到Usually, I say something like “Cool, I’ll look at it later.”我通常會說,很酷,我一會就看,可知是個拖延或說善意的謊言,故選B項。

        3.【答案】A。解析:考查詞意理解。根據第四段提到“Cool, I’ll look at it later.” But this often disappoints the other person, creating an awkward break in the conversation.我會說,一會再看,這會使別人感到很失望,讓交談應得很尷尬,故選A項。

        4.【答案】C。解析:考查細節理解題。根據倒數第二段提到Online chat is convenient, but the advantage of face-to-face communication is that you can see exactly what other people are doing網上聊天是很便利的,但面對面聊天的優點是你能實實在在地看到別人在做什么,故選C項。

        5.【答案】D。解析:考查推斷題。根據第三段提到This is a common dilemma in an age of multitasking這是個多任務年代的很普通的困境,故選D項。


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